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Diamond Investment with CRAFF 

CRAFF is able to purchase every possible diamond a client may request directly at the source. But to maximize the potential return on future resale, CRAFF strongly recommends high quality diamonds with the following specifications :

- Carat: 1 Ct to 50 Ct.
- Clarity: FL, IF to VS2 ( 'loupe clean')
- Colour: D, E, F for white diamonds
- Certificates: GIA - CRAFF

It is to be remembered that CRAFF provides only 100% natural diamonds (without any artificial treatment) and all have relevant documentation.

Regarding to the investment process. CRAFF makes quotations for investment starting at USD$ 12,500,000   
We offer various options to invest in diamonds. Therefore you will be assisted by a dedicated investment consultant in order to create an optimal investment suiting your needs.

You can meet us in our CRAFF boutique Sofitel or directly contact us - List Stock diamond available 

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